CPM offers American-built
Dedicated morgue units with:
State-of-the-art refrigeration systems powered by diesel, electricity or both
Single-purpose units that eliminate
the need for makeshift solutions or
multi-purpose trailers that can
ultimately create public relations
disasters as well as health risks.
CPM units are self-contained and portable Entrance is on ground level for easy access.
Exteriors can be custom fabricated to your exacting specifications to blend into any environment.

Exterior Options

Custom Portable Morgues prides itself on the lead word of our company name “custom”.  We strive to provide units based on our customer’s requirements, which includes a vast array of exterior options.  Pictured here are just a few of the possibilities.  However, if your unit is to be placed in a location where it needs to blend with surrounding buildings or environments we can deliver units with vinyl siding as shown here or select from our unlimited photographic “wraps” using our images and designs or by providing your own. 

These designs allow your unit to blend into any sort of situation and serve as “camouflage” to avoid possible concerns from the public or neighbors. 

We are truly dedicated to provide a unit “custom made” just for you.