CPM offers American-built
Dedicated morgue units with:
State-of-the-art refrigeration systems powered by diesel, electricity or both
Single-purpose units that eliminate
the need for makeshift solutions or
multi-purpose trailers that can
ultimately create public relations
disasters as well as health risks.
CPM units are self-contained and portable Entrance is on ground level for easy access.
Exteriors can be custom fabricated to your exacting specifications to blend into any environment.
Company Profile

With headquarters in Ocala, Florida, Weston Enterprises, Inc. provides an array of services focused on transportation, emergency disaster response and manufacturing serving national and international agencies and clients. With 43 years of experience, Weston Enterprises Inc. has brought a responsive and innovative corporate mindset and attitude to immediate response during trying circumstances responding to disasters of all types, and FEMA contract needs.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every government agency and corporate client by providing outstanding customer service and immediate response thus giving our clients the tools to focus on responding to disasters with speed and professionalism.

Our full time staff and community of sub contractors share our commitment to quietly and quickly provide the services and products promised to our clients.

Most recently, as an extension to our wide experience in disaster response, Weston Enterprises, Inc. has formed the Custom Portable Morgue Division to manufacture and distribute a new product line born out of our first-hand experience of providing refrigerated trucks at disaster sites for the purpose of temporarily storing remains of victims. To that end, state of the art manufacturing facilities have been incorporated into our new 16,000 square foot headquarters in Ocala, Florida.  The much heralded and applauded innovation of high quality dedicated purpose portable morgue units has created a wide range of interest in both the public and private sectors that have applications for such units.  Weston Enterprises, corporate officers and managers with long experience in disaster response, manufacturing and communications actively supervise corporate practices, policies and quality control.

Using long standing policies and resources and a growing inventory of Portable Morgue Units, Weston Enterprises has the ability to immediately dispatch its units to any location needed along with the qualified personnel required to maintain and service the units while in use.  Contracts will be in place to maintain and service units that are leased or sold to clients and which are deployed in a standby mode at strategic centers throughout the country.  This will enable Weston Enterprise clients even faster disaster response.  Non-emergency applications for Portable Morgue Units such as during permanent morgue reconstruction are also envisioned.

Long and wide ranging experience, exceptional technical expertise and strong management coupled with extensive knowledge and commitment makes Weston Enterprises the ideal choice to provide innovative services for your disaster response products and services.

Weston Enterprises, Inc.
PO Box 763, Summerfield, FL  34492
Custom Portable Morgues Toll Free:  1-800-635-5082
Fax:  (352) 873-0232